Israel – The Home of Jerusalem Keratin

Israel is known for its innovation and technology. The ‘Start-Up Nation’ is home to a wide variety of world-leading luxury hair care products based on the legendary healing properties of the Dead Sea.

In order to make the best Keratin treatment, Antonio went straight to the source in Israel to create a product that replenishes and rejuvenates your hair. With Aaron, one of Israel’s most respected hair manufacturers, by his side, they embarked on the journey to develop a Keratin product that stood above the rest.

Two years in the making, they collaborated to create a product that not only eliminated frizz but cleansed and nourished the hair.

Using world-class and high-quality ingredients, Jerusalem Keratin combined specially formulated sodium and sulphate-free products infused with natural ingredients and amino acids, which gently cleanse your hair, enriching it with Keratin protein for long-lasting protection and results.

This formula seals into the hair follicles, eliminating all the frizz and giving you smoother, straighter, shinier and more manageable hair.