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Bookings are essential. Please refer to the guide below to determine your hair length and book your appointment accordingly. This will ensure the correct amount of time is booked in Antonio’s calendar for your treatment.

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Natural Treatment.

Please note: This product is made from the ACID of plants so it sits at a level 3 on the PH scale meaning it enters the cortex of the hair shaft and creates a change to the hair this product is designed to create a smoother and straighter result but it depends on the current health of the hair as would be advised by the stylist on the day of booking.

This product DOES strip colour as it enters where the colour is in your hair shaft we tend to recommend first time clients to try the Jk treatment first so we can get to know your hair so we can give you the best results

*Please ensure you’ve had a hair cut in the past few weeks in order for the treatment to be held by the hair. Please ensure this is done before choosing a time 

**Like all treatments every single person’s hair type is different and results may vary.**

Minimum $150 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking. Deposit will be redeemed towards your total treatment cost. All cancellations / reschedules must be made at least 24 hours in advance. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, we reserve the right to cancel the appointment and forfeit the deposit.

Please arrive ON TIME to your booking. Any later then 10mins may incur in losing your booking as we are booked hourly.

**For all online booking clients you have a 24hr window prior to your booking to change your booking to do this you’ll need to go through the automated confirmation email and click reschedule.


Kind regards Antonio Kozmas,
Director of Jerusalem keratin,
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Natural Keratin Straightening Price Guide

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(refer to guide and click BOOK ME according to your hair length
to book in required amount of time for your treatment)

Please book for Long or Extra Long Hair if your hair is thick to allow ample time for your treatment!

Treatment Aftercare Info

For best results leave the product in for three days. It is fine to wet the whole head of hair completely before this with just water, making sure to use the JK range the following wash.

• You can tie the hair up or pin it back – even restyle it.

• You can colour the hair after your first normal wash. Just keep in mind NOT to use any olaplex or any bond enhancers because they will strip the keratin.

• If you are feeling your scalp is irritated please wash the hair as normal with shampoo and conditioner and notify your stylist immediately.

• Our JK treatment is a TREATMENT, not straightening. You must blowdry the hair in order for the molecules of keratin to swell in the hair and to make it smoother. Clients who continue to get it redone every 3 months will get a great buildup and amazing results.

• If you swim in the ocean please use any supermarket conditioner or leave in oils or treatments to protect the hair. Apply it to the hair while it’s dry then enjoy your swim.

• To ensure long-lasting results, the Jerusalem Keratin Aftercare Product range will maintain and enhance your keratin treatment. If you choose not to use the JK range we are unable to guarantee our work. Please use ALL SODIUM AND SULPHATE free products.

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The Aftercare Treatment

For smooth, healthy, frizz-free and shiny hair, the Jerusalem Keratin Aftercare Product range is designed to maintain and enhance your keratin treatment for long lasting results.